I travelled to Holland in April. Not just to see the fields of flowers, but also to visit a city - Delft, which I never visited before and never even heard of it :)

I will share some pictures with you from my trip and may be you too would like to visit this nice place some day :)

I thought canals in Amsterdam are amazing...with all those oblique old houses by their sides and crazy people on bicycles that scares tourists by passing them unexpectedly.

But Delft is even cosier than Amsterdam.

Canals are quite, seagulls flying above.

Water is still and reflections are clear.

1/3 of Delft is young people - students - who make the streets livly in the evenings, working as guides and telling funny stories about town and its history.

Crazy bicyclists are here too. The guide said to us that every year around 300 bicycle are lifted from the canals in Delft. :)

We've been told a really cool story about the church tower on the picture above :)

It is leaned (2 meters!) to the left from its vertical, as you see. Not because of it bacame old. It is build that way :) Not in purpose of course...but when they saw that the tower were actually tilting they began to try to compensate for the mistake not by rebuilding but by manipulating with visual effects:

- the spires on the right side were built higher then on the left to visually influence the form :))

- figures on the tower clock differs in sizes as well :)

and some other stuff.

Dutchs are really relaxed people :) I had an experience dealing with them through my work. It seems that they never panic :) and in a calm and laid manner they find a way to make things function in spite of such circumstances :)))

The tower standing tilted since 14th century!

Cars are so nicely parked along the canals. Parking spaces are so narrow... And here comes another story from the guide - drivers step out of their cars directly to the canal sometime :))) I think he also mentioned that cars may happened to be parked in the canal too :)

Meeting kind people, seeing flowers, bright april sun, reflections on the water, good food and long walks by the canal sides tuned me in a relaxed dutch mood :) during the whole stay.

Spring is always really nice in Holland.

More Delft here in my Gallery

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