Curly sunsets

“Sunsets we always liked because they only happen once and go away." "But, Lena, that's sad." "No, if the sunset stayed and we got bored, that would be a real sadness.” ― Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine

I planned to drive one hour to come to a place where it is just the sea as far as you can see. I grabbed my camera bag and jumped in the car. I planned it all right: to come there just in time. But after 20 min it striked my mind that there is no camera in the bag.... 😩 I took it out to take pictures at the Christmas tree farm earlier that day.. 🤐 So I drove back and at the end managed to come to my regular "sunset place". And I didn't regret it at all ☺️

Somebody spilt watercolors

Кто-то пролил акварельные краски...

"Sometimes at sunset you see something extraordinary, something you do not believe later, when you see the same thing in a painting" -A.Chekhov

"Иногда при закате солнца видишь что-нибудь необыкновенное, чему не веришь потом, когда это же самое видишь на картине" -А.П. Чехов

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