Warming hearts 💓

Ice skating with beautiful Marte 🌸⛸

I photographed my daughter a lot in the conceptual outdoor shoots this winter.

But now I have a list of more than 60 girls who showed interest to participate in my photoshoots.

Even if I longing for spring and light, winter is a magical time.

But light conditions are difficult, especially here in the North.

The light changes very fast, the clouds can turn into a fog and a fog can disappear in a minute.

Winter photoshoots outside is much about luck :) Like this one.

Fog created a very gentle atmosphere. I didn't expected it at all. But when we were finished, it disappeared in a flash :)

So much tenderness in the photo lit by foggy light through the icy air:

There she goes...out of the clouds. She is so graceful.

The secret ingredient is always love. Happy Valentine's Day 💓

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