Endless game: Beeing a tourist find a view without tourists, cause it is very annoying that they always manage to spoil the shot 😜😄

Вечная игра: турист в городе ищет ракурсы без туристов, потому что раздражают, постоянно попадая в кадр.

The Most photographing and the most photogenic place in Copenhagen. Thousands of details in this harbour.

This city surprises with architecture and its combination each time I'm here. I admire f.eks. how the city municipality managed to create a modern living space in the old industrial area.

I love Copenhagen because of its atmosphere of calmness and harmony. I don't visit the main street Strøget - it is too noisy and haotic for me. I recommend to take any side street instead and the city becomes suddenly quiet, very pictureresque and really cosy.

Another thing that I love in Copenhagen is all those beautiful parks. Each time I'm in the city, I make sure that I go through at least one of them. Especially you should do it in spring.

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