Summarizing 2017

My «Best nine» this year on Instagram.

2017 is at its end. I’m summerizing my photography year in this post. It was an amazing year for me. I grew a lot more in photography. I made new acquaintances and friends 💖

My works got featured 87 times this year on Instagram. In total it means not a week without a feature. 😍

The first photo in «best nine» got in total more than 200k likes and are still being featured 😮😄

This photo won Audience Award of the day and Best of Color in «This Magazine» on Facebook.

Another photo, which is not in this Best nine got «Best of Color» award of the day in «This Magazine» too.

I became newly a member of the photography group "Soulful Moments". I don't know still what it means, but I'm in. 😋

The whole journey with photographing people started as the largest «go out of my comfort zone» experience a couple of years ago.

There are amazing people who write beautiful words to my works and I really appreciate it very much.😍

There is a couple who have been inspired with my photos of Norwegian nature that they are making their engagement journey from NY to Norway in January next year. Have a happy journey you guys! 💖👋🏻

I’ve got new customers this year who let me share memorable moments with them. Thank you for your trust ❤️

I even got questions about mentoring and workshops. I have individual workshops now.

There are so much more, but I stop here. Big enough achievements for me. ☺️

All these are so inspiring and means a lot to me that I have not enough words to express how greatfull I am. 🙏🏻❤️

I wish all of you,who celebrate, a Merry Christmas and to all of you a really happy New Year! Lots of love from me. ❤️❤️❤️

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